Monday, June 11, 2012

Fresh Start... A new beginning

Hi Friends,

From today I decided what was planning to do over pat few month... Restarting my blogging!. So, here I am, starting a Fresh Start... A new beginning.

From here onwards, I will be writing regularly to my blog post, and will be totally related to the Research, Technical Stuff,  Open Source Projects and my own development. This will include everything that I am working on, except my personal life. So, nothing personal here from now onwards.

I have removed all my personal stuff, blogs from here and only kept few of the technical ones.

So, friends, wish me luck that this time I go on writing!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eclipse PDT Helios SR1 Bug [Resolved]

Hi All,

Just was wondering as the same issue came to me when i started using Eclipse PDT Helios SR1. Also have found that this is a bug in Helios which do not allow one to sync and check the difference in the working repository and SVN repository.

Here is a discription of issue:

When I syncronized a php project, and double clicked a php file for comparing the differences I made compared to the base revision, it opened a window of a compared file, but the window was empty. I got gray background as if no file was opened.

When I opened files which are not set as a PHP file, that worked fine. So, I took .module file and defined it as .php file in content types preferences pane, it acted badly as described above. When i defined it again to .module it worked good as if I compared a plain text file.

Also, when I tried the same thing in Eclipse Galileo, it worked fine in all the cases, even if it is a .php as well for others.

So, just looked into my log and found out that there is Unhandled event loop exception in Helios causing the error.

So I researched on the same and found out that the this bug is been fixed in Galileo but not in the Helios. So, need to install the following update in the Helios.

To install this into your Helios follow the steps:

Go to Help -> Install New Software -> Click on add and enter the above url into the location text field and give a name to it. Now click on Ok.

It will look for the updates at that location and will give you the name and version of the update. click in check box to select it and click on next. It will check all the dependencies and will give you all the required update file list. Select them all and click on next. Sign the agreement of the update and click on finish. It will update the Eclipse.

Whoilla!!!!! here it is. your eclipse will work normally now with SVN sync.

Hope this will help you all.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cloud Computing environments

Hi friends,
Today I am going to talk about Cloud Computing, the upcoming platform for web computing which is getting overwhelming response and is considered as the tomorrows world of all the technologies.

So here is a brief about the environments in existence currently which are free and anyone can use them.  

The cloud computing environments that are freely available are as follows:

This service is almost an operating system, runs in a browser. Can be used as a personal desktop system situated on a cloud and can beaccesed from anywhere in the world.
Provides everything that your desktop system can. Allows to create word docs, save it on a cloud, etc. Also allows to create an email account over the cloud. The best place to create your mp3 playlist online and listen to your faviorite songs from anywhere in the world. Allows you to share photos, videos on youtube, metacafe.

Other similar applications worth considering are, and

Its similar to that of its counterpart by google, and that is nothing but google docs. Yes, its Its really a step further to google docs. At present the online suite boasts of over 20 applications including mail, word processor, spreadsheets and web conferancing. You can sign up for a free account at site allows to access enttry-level functionallities, but one can easily upgrade to professional edition or a business edition as per your wish with monthly chanrges of $5 and $9 respectively.

Other options to try are,, and

Its and internet basaed free photo editor. Its features set is as good as a paid software complaint to it like photoshop.

Also check for,

Yes, its an antivirus which is offered as a SaaS by cloud computing a real product of Panda Cloud Antivirus. It is a full fledged antivirus software that you need on your desktop, but yes it needs internet to be able to scan your system for any of the vulnerabilities into yopur system.

  1. Free online storage:

  1. Gaming:

  1. create charts and diagrams:

  1. Music:

Issue with the feedapi_mapper module...


So had a nice time with my last posts for creating embedded video feeds into your drupal instance. Most of you would have got your feeds working. If you have any issue with feed first refer this. It should work after doing the mentioned changes to simplepie parser. If it still is not working and showing you NULL values getting entered into the content type type table (say, content_type_video_item) then make the following changes to feedapi_mapper modules feedapi_mapper.api.php file which you can find in feedapi_mapper module directory.

There in the file you will find the function hook_feedapi_mapper where in the parameter of the function one of the parameters is refer as $sub_field = '' whereas in the function body it is used as $node->myfields[$subfield]. change it to $node->myfields[$sub_field]. The wrong object reference name is causing it to take a garbage value. Though original one works for most of the feeds but causes certain issue when you go for anything like video feeds where you have a embedded video field which is a custom field causing it to behave abnormally.

Your feed should work fine now. if it still is not working then make sure that you have enabled and configured the required provider module.

So enjoy you video feeds now....

Issue with the Simplepie Parser....

Hi friends,

While working with embedded feed which I discussed earlier I found an issue with the simplepie parser. Though the parser seems to be working fine with all the feeds until you want it to work on custom fields urls or with operating systems which can't support automatic decoding of urls. hence I have provided this patch over here which can make it workable on all the platforms.

In parser_simplepie.module which you can find out at contributed third party module directory under feedapi/parser_simplepie, the original_url must be decoded to the normal format.

You can find it in a function _parser_simplepie_feedapi_parse which is there in the same file and search for $curr_item->options->original_url.
 which will look something like this:
$curr_item->options->original_url = ($entity_decode && $simplepie_item->get_link()) ? html_entity_decode($simplepie_item->get_link()) : $simplepie_item->get_link();

Change it to:

$curr_item->options->original_url = ($entity_decode && urldecode($simplepie_item->get_link())) ? urldecode(html_entity_decode($simplepie_item->get_link())) : urldecode($simplepie_item->get_link());

And Thats it. It should work now on any platform...

Creating a feed of embedded videos in Drupal

Hi guys,

Its been a long time that i never had not posted over here about mu life...was a bit sorry for that... Today I ma going to share something that I learned while working with drupal to create a video feed... So here I goes.

Too create feeds of embedded third-party videos on Drupal sites using a combination of CCK, Embedded Media Field, media_youtube, FeedAPI, & the FeedAPI Element Mapper modules...

i am taking feeds from youtube hence using media_youtube. If you want use any other provider please download the required provider module from here.

  1. Enable the following modules and sub-modules: CCK, Embedded Media Field, Embedded Video Field, media_youtube, FeedAPI, FeedAPI Mapper, Common Syndication Parser or SimplePie Parser, FeedAPI Node. Make sure to give yourself the correct permissions in the access control admin page. Also refer Installation steps from the respective modules, especially feedapi module as it requires simplepie parser module as well.
  2. Create a content type (lets say video_item) that includes custom field (embedded video field). You can use FeedAPI Node's default content type, called feed, or (recommended) you can create your own (say video_feed) and designate it as a feed in the content type settings page.
  3. Under admin/settings/feedapi it is suggested that you remove object and embed tags from the allowed list, as these may cause problems with certain providers.
  4. Create a feed at node/add/feedapi-node (if you are using the default feedapi node). Give the feed a name, you can leave body blank (the field will fill this by default), and enter in the address of the field in the "feed" field. Make sure that "Refresh feed on creation" is unchecked, then click on "Processors". In thedrop-down menu under "Node type of feed items:" select the content type for embedded videos that you created in step 2, then submit the node.
  5. On the page of the feedapi node you created select the "Map" tab, next to "Edit" (it should take a few moments to load).
  6. On the mapping page expand the form item labled "Feed item example" and look for the original URL of the example video (i.e. the url as you would normally paste it into an embedded video field); for most video providers this will be "options->original_url". Under "Edit mapping" find the item that matches the url and select to map it to the embedded video field (you can also map items to taxonomies or other fields if you like and have it set up). Press "Update".
  7. After you are redirected back to the feedapi node click on "Refresh", which should populate your feed. Click on "Feed Items", and you should now see a feed of videos!
Thats it. you are done... And now you can have a video feed in your drupal instance.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eclipse crashes inbetween.....

Hi Friends,

Whats up?  From the past few days I was working on eclipse galileo for development into the php or in a broad for drupal. It was working fine till yesterday when I installed Android on the same instance. Didn't got the reason but after that my eclipse started giving me problem and it was crashing on each time I tried to make any changes to my drupal instance through eclipse. So to resolve the issue I did following things.

  1. turn off all Eclipse instances
  2. delete following files:
    • WORKSPACE/.metadata
    • ~/.mozilla/eclipse
    • ~/.eclipse
  3. add -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.XULRunnerPath=/usr/lib64/xulrunner- to the end of your eclipse.ini file (actual path to your may be different)
  4. you are done. You may use your Eclipse safely
But Yes there now one more issue that came up to me. And that is this that whatever third party plug-ins I installed like php, mercurial, svn, android etc. all have been gone. So need to again reinstall all of them. So before doing these changes make sure that you can reinstall all again and you have all the details in hand to reinstall them. For php, svn and mercurial you can refer my blog here.

For Android or others you need to google for that.